Source: Roo Games

The game company Getta1Games is getting an Australian upgrade. Its rebrand as Roo Games comes with a whole new team.

Co-founder Tim Walsh brings 30 years of product development and marketing experience, while the sales director, Christina Callaghan, has previously worked for brands, such as Star Wars, Hello Kitty, LEGO, and Smurfs. Creative and Marketing Director Scott Brown founded Marbles the Brain Store, which grew to 40 retail locations in the U.S. before being sold to Spin Master.

Roo Games offers consumers unique play with its five current games. Kloak is a strategy game that tests kids’ memories. Bull’s Eye is non-stop action utilizing reflexes and plungers. Kids use tactile skills to win Doggy Bags, count with Feed Fuzzy, and match patterns with You’ve Been Framed. For kids looking for a more classic challenge, Quick Chess teaches them how to play the iconic game in a simple way.

Learning Advantage will distribute Roo Games’ toys in the U.S. along with the Wild Science brand. Find more info on its website here.