Letterkenny | Source: New Metric Media

The Canadian comedy hit Letterkenny is getting a consumer products push across North America.

New Metric Media inked licensing deals with Funko, High Roller Games, and Ripple Junction for new products across a variety of categories. Mark Montefiore, president of New Metric Media says that the deals will “strengthen the fervor and excitement for the series, providing a tangible way for Letterkenny fans to connect with the show.”

Letterkenny — which streams on Hulu in the U.S. and Crave in Canada — follows the exploits of Wayne (Jared Keeso) as he and his pals get into dustups with their small-town rivals.

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Ahead of the collectible figures, games, and apparel that the new licensees will roll out in the months ahead, the Letterkenny website offers an assortment of products, including water bottles, koozies, pint glasses, and Puppers Premium Lager inspired by the fictional beer served on the show.

Letterkenny‘s ninth season debuted on Christmas Day.