New Product: Sqwishlanders Collectible Characters

Sqwishlanders are a rebranded version of the tiny, squishy characters that were first introduced as Pet Friends more than four years ago. The ¾-inch rubbery collectible characters are sold in vending machines and come with a unique code for online play at Sqwishland,, a free, kid-friendly virtual world where the characters can be cared for and kids can play games and activities. Parents can also sign their kids up for a premium membership for access to more mini-games and activities.

Certain Sqwishlanders are plentiful, such as the black and white Sqwow who can be found nine out of 10 times in 6-pack and 12-pack capsules, and others are rare such as the brown and white Sqwow who can only be found four out of 100 times.

Fans can go to to use the SqwishFinder, which lists more than 300,000 vending machines that sell Sqwishlanders, and find the collectible characters by searching by zipcode.

Individual Sqwishlanders can be bought for 25 to 50 cents. Tubes of six, 12, or 24 capsules are expected in stores later this month.

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