Rullingnet Corporation, home to VINCI Early Learning Systems, announced the release of VINCI Kids Library, which includes interactive stories, learning games, videos, and more than 500 titles at the launch, with an expected 1000 titles before the end of the year. Designed for children ages 18 months through nine years old, VINCI Kids Library is free from commercials, adult content, violence, and addictive in-app purchases, creating a unique and safe digital learning environment for children.

Rullingnet has partnered with leading children’s educational content providers, including TVO, The Jim Henson Company, and Mightybooks. The VINCI Kids Library will include popular games, such as TVO’s “Alphabet Goop,” “Tumbletown Mathletics,” and “Amazing Spelling Fleas;” Mightybooks’ “Pixie Has A Question;” and a selection of clips from “Sid the Science Kid.”

Additionally, VINCI is inviting game developers to help create apps on VINCI Kids Library. As a content provider, developers will have access to several co-marketing opportunities with VINCI, such as special features and announcements on VINCI’s social media channels, monthly newsletters, and numerous highlights of one’s brand at learn more about how to become a VINCI content provider and to submit an app, visit

VINCI Kids Library is available for download to the VINCI Early Learning Systems. All content within VINCI Kids Library will be offered free to customers until August 31, 2012.

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