On December 14, Nickelodeon will premiere a brand new primetime holiday special. A re-imagining of Beatrix Potter children’s book, Peter Rabbit’s Christmas Tale, will be told with humor. Peter Rabbit is produced in conjunction with Silvergate Media and animated by Brown Bag Films.

Peter Rabbit and his friend Benjamin Bunny take over for Mr. Bouncer when he gets sick and can’t make the holiday supply delivery. The two friends embark on delivering gifts and supplies to the residents of Lake District by braving a blizzard and a sneaky fox, Mr. Tod. The adventure of Peter Rabbit will encourage pre-schoolers to learn problem-solving skills, self-efficacy, and resilience.

Nick Jr. offers a sneak peak of the holiday special, Peter Rabbit coloring pages, stickers, and mazes. With “Presents from Peter,” users can go online everyday to unlock a new special gift from Peter Rabbit, such as holiday ornaments, holiday cards, activity packs, and more.