A partnership for new projects and previous catalog distribution | Source: Nickelodeon/Republic Records

Nickelodeon and Republic Records: Kids & Family are partnering up for musical endeavors, starting with a first album release for the upcoming Blue’s Clues & You! movie. 

Republic Records, owned by Universal Music Group, launched its Kids & Family division quite recently — Aug. 19 of this year. Now, that division is announcing a new partnership to develop and distribute music with Nickelodeon, delivering on the promise that news of plans and partnerships would be coming soon.

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Nickelodeon is an iconic brand that needs no introduction. I was fortunate to begin my full-time career with the company and first-hand experienced the influence and positive impact their properties have on children across the world,” says Republic Records: Kids & Family Vice President, Marketing and Strategy Bree Bowles. “It’s an honor to join forces with Tim Weatherspoon and his team on projects that speak to 21st century families with fun and a lot of heart as Nickelodeon has done since its inception.”

Tim Weatherspoon, Nickelodeon’s senior vice president of Music, is also happy to see the partnership blossom, saying “Getting to know Bree and the rest of the team has been incredible. We’ve got an opportunity to create a new paradigm for kids’ music with this partnership, and we’re going to do just that.” 

Blues Big City Adventure will feature music developed from the partnership. | Source: Nickelodeon

Blue’s Big City Adventure is the first album release of the partnership, with single “On Our Way” already available for listening. The album features songs found in the upcoming Nickelodeon and Paramount+ movie Blues Big City Adventure. The central plot of the film features Blue and Josh heading to New York City to audition for a musical. They get a little help from previous Blue’s Clues cast along the way, as both Steve and Joe make appearances, bringing everyone together in the Big Apple. The new movie will be streaming exclusively on Paramount+ starting Nov. 18.