Source: Nintendo/the Toy Book

Kids can learn how to make their own video games with Game Builder Garage, which will be out on June 11 for the Nintendo Switch family of devices. The game features fun, guided lessons that cover the basics of visual game programming.

The Nodon are creatures with big personalities that help kids create their games. Each of the dozen Nodon features a unique function. Kids can connect them in a variety of ways in order to create something unique and new. To make a human-like character that moves with an analog stick, all kids need to do is connect Stick Nodon with Person Nodon.

Game Builder Garage is designed for anyone to use. Players can start with Lesson Mode, which brings them at their own pace through step-by-step, interactive lessons. Checkpoints in between lessons test players on their knowledge with small puzzles and tasks.

In the Free Programming mode, players can truly put their games to the test by playing them. Press one button to swap between the programming and game screen to quickly try out your creation. Friends and family can exchange and download each other’s games to play or learn from behind-the-scenes.

Future game builders can use Game Builder Garage with a Joy-Con controller, Nintendo Switch Controller, or the controls of the Nintendo Switch Lite system. You can also build games by using a compatible mouse that is plugged into the Nintendo Switch dock.

Game Builder Garage is available for pre-order now.