NSI International‘s popular Wubble line is expanding this holiday season.

A colorful new introduction, the Groovy Wubble is a Super Wubble bubble ball that looks like a bubble and plays like a ball. Offered in multicolored, tie-dye designs, it’s squishy, lightweight, soft, and will mold around whatever it touches before bouncing away. Kids can kick it, throw it, catch it, smash it, or sit on it. The Groovy Wubble is unlikely to pop, but it includes a lifetime replacement guarantee.

“Wubble has captured the imagination of the masses like nothing else out there in the toy world,” says NSI International President Frank Landi.  “It’s loved by children and grown-ups alike because playing with one just makes you laugh.”

Additionally, Giant Wubble is described as “the most mammoth, mega-sized Super Wubble bubble ball ever.” The 4-foot bubble ball is bigger than many of the kids who will play with it. NSI hopes to inspire kids to get up and play.

“In this day and age of handheld devices, Wubble is a toy that actually entices kids to get outside and get active,” Landi says. “Today’s kids are more sedentary than ever. Wubbles take us back to a time when kids made their own fun.”

Both Giant Wubble and Groovy Wubble are available now at Target and the official Wubble Ball website.