Emmy Klint and family — new generations will get to experience Nylint cars. | Source: Nylint

A new chapter begins for a historic maker of toy cars and trucks.

Nylint Toys was originally founded in 1937 by David Nyberg and Bernard and Ragnar Klint. After originally making kitchen utensils, the company eventually became known for its steel toy cars, with a long history of manufacturing before its bankruptcy. Now, Emmy Klint, granddaughter of one of the original founders, is bringing it back with new models inspired by the original Nylint cars. 

“I was thirteen years old when Nylint Toys declared bankruptcy in 2001,” says Klint. “I knew I wanted to bring back Nylint and make my grandpa proud. I even took my high school senior pictures with Nylint Toys, that’s how much I loved them.”

The company has officially released two vehicles available for purchase now. The Rain van and the Sunshine pick-up truck can be bought individually or as a bundle with a book about the two cars road-tripping.

Klint faced some issues and delays in the process of reviving the company. “To say it was hard would be an understatement,” Klint says. “It didn’t work out like I had planned, but I learned that you have to roll with the punches.” The new Nylint has launched its official website with a store featuring the new toys as well as pages devoted to the company’s history and the next generation.

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