Odyssey Toys Partners with Petra for Product Distribution

odysseytoys copyOdyssey Toys signed a deal with Petra this month to distribute its complete line of consumer electronics toys, such as drones and educational augmented reality games. Petra will work to increase distribution at online retailers and independent brick and mortar stores around the U.S.

Odyssey Toys has 16 new products planned for the Q4 Holiday Shopping Season. One of those products, called ARIA’s Adventures, is an augmented reality interactive application that combines physical playing cards with a cellphone-compatible virtual reality headset. The product is designed to teach memory skills and facts about different animals. It comes with 60 different animal cards with facts about each animal. The product is recommended for kids ages 4 and older.

Another key item coming out is the Bumper Drone, which offers the same functions of a regular drone with airbag coating. Meant to be a first drone for kids, the Bumper Drone’s protective airbag is meant to help it withstand damage. It features auto hover, takeoff, and landing features and is recommended for kids ages 8 and older.

A second drone option set to hit the shelves is Build-A-Drone. Users are responsible for building the drone themselves by using toy block pieces to assemble it and insert the motors. It comes with 62 pieces for assembly and an instruction packet with three possible ways to build the drone. The Build-A-Drone is recommended for kids 12 and older.

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