Fantastic Food Truck, the fifth set in Osmo’s Math Wizard series, helps to teach kids geometry skills. | Source: Osmo

Kids can build up an appetite for learning!

Osmo is adding a fifth title to its curriculum-based Math Wizard series of learning toys: Fantastic Food Truck. In this game, kids can learn geometry through cooking with shapes.

Players become chefs who customize dishes using the available kitchen appliances. Throughout the stages of the game, various customers appear across Spellbarow Port, each with different preferences and dish requests. Kids complete the orders while learning to recognize and draw shapes, compose two-dimensional shapes, and identify triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons, and cubes.

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The set also includes a second game, Carnival Crew, where kids are challenged to pack boxes by fitting all of the various shapes and sizes into the box. This game is Osmo’s first digital-only game, which lets kids play on-the-go without game pieces.

The Fantastic Food Truck box contains a playmat for the game, a food truck manual, and 58 geometric tiles for kids to use. It’s available for iPad and Fire tablets. and ($59.99)

Like the rest of Osmo’s Math Wizard series, this set is designed for kids ages 6-8. Other titles include: Magical Workshop, Secrets of the Dragons, Amazing Airships, and Enchanted World Games.