Ahead of the new animated series The Adventures of Paddington — which will be previewed on Nickelodeon later this month — the beloved bear from across the pond is coming to the stage.

Rockefeller Productions’ Paddington Gets in a Jam will begin a limited, 12-week run in New York City this Friday at the DR2 Theatre in Union Square.

In the family show from director Jonathan Rockefeller, Paddington is at home making his favorite marmalade jam with the help of the Browns’ housekeeper Mrs. Bird, but they run out of sugar.  Paddington goes next door to borrow some sugar, and there he finds his ever-grumpy neighbor Mr. Curry in a panic, expecting an important visitor. Paddington volunteers to help get the house ready for the visit, but unfortunately for Paddington, his good intentions lead to hysterical chaos.

Paddington Gets in a Jam was written by Doug Kmiotek and will feature puppets created by Rockefeller Productions (The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show). Paddington Bear was created by the late Michael Bond, who published original stories featuring the character for nearly 60 years.

Tickets and additional information can be found at the production’s official site.