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NPD Says Consumers Plan to Start Shopping Thanksgiving Weekend

  The 2017 holiday shopping season is the first that more U.S. consumers will begin shopping in the middle of the season (Thanksgiving weekend through Cyber Monday) than later in the season (early December), according to The NPD Group. According to NPD’s 2017 Holiday Purchase Intentions Survey, getting a late start to the holiday shopping season has become less prevalent over the last 10 years. The biggest shift in holiday shopping timing that occurred in recent years was the same year brick-and-mortar retailers introduced earlier store openings on Thanksgiving Day in 2014. Now, in 2017, nearly 30 percent of consumers plan to...

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Toys: By the Numbers

The NPD Group looks at the biggest growth drivers of 2016, and touches on what the new year will bring. by Juli Lennett, U.S. Toys Industry Analyst, The NPD Group Crossing the $20 billion threshold, the U.S. toy industry grew 5 percent to $20.4 billion in 2016, according to retail sales data* from global information company The NPD Group. Unit sales also grew 5 percent to $2 billion, and average retail price remained flat at $10.14. The industry was 16 percent larger in 2016 than 2013, which calculates to a compounded annual growth rate of 5 percent. In terms of sales performance across the supercategories tracked by NPD, seven of the 11 supercategories posted gains in 2016. Games/Puzzles grew the fastest at 18 percent, followed by Dolls and Outdoor & Sports Toys, both at 10 percent. The only other supercategory to outperform the total market­—which may come as a surprise to some—is Plush. This supercategory grew 6 percent, as it had a number of new and strong introductions in 2016 that brought excitement to the supercategory, as well as a revival of Pokémon plush, which coincided with the Pokémon Go phenomenon and Pokémon Moon and Pokémon Sun video games. Properties that drove the gains for the fastest growing supercategories were: Games/Puzzles: Pokémon, Pie Face, Speak Out Dolls: Shopkins, Trolls, Baby Alive Outdoor & Sports Toys: Nerf, Bunch O Balloons, SwagTron...

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U.S. Toy Industry Grows Five Percent in 2016, NPD Reports

U.S. toy sales greaw 5 percent last year, reaching $20.4 billion, according to retail sales data from The NPD Group. The industry was 16 percent larger in 2016 than last year, calculating a compounded annual growth rate of 5 percent. Collectibles was a top contributor to the industry’s growth last year, with sales growing 33 percent, or $432 million, to reach $1.8 billion and representing 9 percent of total toy industry dollars. Sales of blind packs grew 60 percent for the year, and since 2013 sales have grown more than six-fold. The next largest contributor was Outdoor & Sports Toys, the largest supercategory that also experienced the largest dollar gains of any supercategory, at $328 million. Leading this growth were sports and summer seasonal toys. The Games segment grew 21 percent for the year, or $307 million, with games for kids and adults alike all showing growth. Illustrating the influence of this segment, Pie Face Showdown and Speak Out from Hasbro both landed in the top-10 list of new items for 2016. Games/Puzzles, Dolls, and Outdoor & Sports Toys were among seven out of the 11 super-categories that posted gains in 2016, and were the fastest-growing at 18 percent, 10 percent, and 10 percent, respectively. There were also a number of properties that helped grow the toy industry in 2016. Star Wars outperformed its 2015 sales, reaching nearly $760...

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Nielsen Survey Reports Rise in Holiday Spending

Nielsen‘s 2016 holiday trend report which indicates that 19 percent of U.S. shoppers are planning to spend more time online shopping for this holiday season, an increase from 17 percent last year.  With the increase in digital shopping, the survey also predicts that 54 percent of U.S. consumers are planning to shop on Black Friday, which is a 4 percent increase from 2015. U.S. shoppers are most likely to spend more on jewelry, pet gifts, and cookware but other products such as apparel, video games, toys, electronics, and gift cards continue to remain at the top of customer’s shopping lists for Black Friday. Fifty-eight percent of shoppers have already stated that they have purchased more holiday gifts online compared to 40 percent in big-box retail stores and 25 percent in department stores. Also according to Nielsen, 63 percent of shoppers are planning to shop on their phones on Cyber Monday, a 3 percent increase from last year. Millennials lead the way in retail shopping, and 30 percent of them have already began shopping....

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International Survey Finds Black Friday Has Gone Global

An international survey from One Hour Translation indicates that online shopping on Black Friday is expanding beyond the U.S. and gaining popularity in other developed countries. The survey was performed in cooperation with Google Consumer Surveys among 3,600 participants in eight developed countries: the U.S., Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, and Japan.   In the U.S., around 26 percent of the respondents plan to buy online on Black Friday, while 28 percent plan to do so on Cyber Monday. The average of all eight countries shows that 16.5 percent of the respondents prefer to buy online on Black Friday, compared to 9 percent on Cyber Monday. Also according to One Hour Translation, people between ages 18 and 34 show a strong tendency to buy online during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In the U.S., 44 percent of the 18-34 year olds surveyed said they plan to buy online on Black Friday, and 42 percent on Cyber Monday. For the 35-64 year olds surveyed the results were 21 percent on Black Friday, and around 23 percent intended to do so on Cyber Monday. In the 65 and older category only 5 percent planned to buy online on Black Friday, compared to around 12 percent on Cyber...

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Moose Toys to Auction off Shopkins Gemma Stone to Benefit TIF

Moose Toys is holding a charity auction for to kick off Cyber Monday. The one-of-a-kind Gemma Stone is the most rare Shopkins in the collection and was revealed at the North American International Toy Fair this past February. Fans will have a chance to bid on her from November 30 through December 6. All proceeds from the eBay auction will benefit the Toy Industry Foundation. Limited Edition Shopkins characters, normally retailing at $2.99, are already selling on eBay for upwards of $1,800. Bids for Gemma Stone are forecasted to be even higher. Fans interested in bidding on Gemma Stone...

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Same Card, New Tricks: Using Gift Cards to Go Beyond the Basics

By Euphemia Erikson, First Data The holiday season is once again approaching, and this year, retailers are not leaving any tactics on the table as they begin strategizing creative ways to boost customer traffic. Starting Black Friday and continuing past Christmas, retailers will turn to door busters, flash sales, deep discounts, and shockingly early store openings to drive their holiday sales higher than years before. With big picture tactics like these, it’s also important for retailers to remember the power traditional retail tools command when driving revenue up. Gift cards are consumers’ most desired holiday present, and for retailers this classic has the unique...

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Q&A with Eva Lorenz, Category Leader, Amazon Toys & Games

The Toy Book (TTB): How are you engaging consumers to drive sales? Eva Lorenz (EL): Amazon customers, particularly busy parents, appreciate having the ability to shop on their own time and from the comfort of their own home or while on-the-go using a mobile device. They also love having access to the largest selection of products and all the information they need—comprehensive product details, high-resolution images, video content, and customer reviews–to make informed purchasing decisions. We consistently deliver on these promises to customers, which has earned their trust and keeps them coming back to shop on Amazon. In addition,...

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Retail Toy Sales Up 4 Percent on Building Sets, Electronics, Frozen, Says NPD Group

According to retail sales data from The NPD Group, U.S. retail sales of toys generated $18.08 billion last year compared to $17.46 billion in 2013, an increase of 4 percent. Retail sales over the 2014 holiday shopping season got off to a bumpy start, with the weeks of Black Friday and Cyber Monday experiencing mixed results of -2 percent and 1 percent (compared to the same time periods in 2013). However, with one extra shopping day the week of Christmas compared to last year, Christmas week grew 27 percent, lifting December growth to 6 percent. Meanwhile, fourth quarter sales...

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Total Spending, Number of Shoppers Down During Black Friday Weekend

As reported by the National Retail Federation (NRF), roughly 87 million Americans visited stores on Black Friday. However, total spending for the long Thanksgiving weekend is projected to be down more than 10 percent from last year’s estimate. According to an NRF survey released on Sunday, total spending for the four-day weekend is expected to reach $50.9 billion, a decrease of 11.3 percent from last year’s estimate of $57.4 billion. NRF data also estimates that 133.7 million shoppers will have visited stores this weekend, down 5 percent year-over-year and below the expected number of 140.1 million. The survey also estimates flat growth in online sales. This data follows strong starts reported by some retailers for the Black Friday weekend. Both Wal-Mart Stores and Target Corp. began offering special Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving Day, beginning at 6 p.m. While neither Wal-Mart nor Target has reported specific sales figures, both claimed a high number of customers that shopped at stores as well as online. “More than 25 million people downloaded our Black Friday ad, and 20 million customers used their local store maps on,” says Laura Phillips, senior vice president of merchandising for Wal-Mart. “Online shopping started while turkeys were still in the oven and yesterday was our second-highest online sales day ever—topped only by Cyber Monday last year.” Wal-Mart stated that it had more than 22 million customers...

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