Source: Panda Mony Toy Brands/The Toy Book

Independent toymaker Panda Mony Toy Brands LLC has tapped FanGirl Consulting & Brand Management LLC to build a marketing program focused on its newly released Alter Nation action figure brand.  Through its alliance with FanGirl Consulting, Panda Mony seeks to achieve its goal of becoming a leader in kids’ entertainment.

Alter Nation “follows the clandestine operations of GK Delta, a secret government entity dedicated to protecting humanity from forces that no typical human can defeat — and no one is allowed to know.” The story centers around a group of teenage human-animal hybrids — El Ray, Albert VII, Daart, and Quillroy — plus two villains, Sabotage, and the double agent Sham.

This fall, Dark Horse Comics will release the original graphic novel, Alter Nation: They Hide Hybrids which includes the 12-page digital comic Alter Nation: The Mystery of the Whining Winny. Panda Mony is also exploring options to develop an animated series based on Alter Nation for kids ages 6-11.

Alter Nation action figures | Source: Panda Mony Toy Brands

The FanGirl Consulting team will work with Panda Mony to develop a consumer and trade marketing strategy combined with retail distribution and promotional support. The team is currently taking appointments to discuss marketing, distribution, and partnership opportunities for the Alter Nation brand with interested parties during Toy Fair Everywhere.