At Toy Fair New York, Mattel Games unveiled a brand-new way for families to play Pictionary. With the launch of Pictionary Air, the classic drawing game goes high-tech as players split into two teams and toss aside the paper pad or white board, instead using an oversized light-up pen to “draw” or “illustrate” their word in the air.  Thanks to the magic of technology, the pen simultaneously casts the player’s drawing in real-time onto the screen of their choice — either a TV or mobile device — for all of the players to see.

Pictionary Air introduces multiple gameplay modes that allow players to customize the experience to their liking. Customized time limits allow for more or less time to guess, while recording options allow drawings to be saved for easy social sharing.

The game arrives first at Target stores in the U.S. in late June, with global availability to retailers expected by July 1.