Pillowie is expanding its collection of tagalong pillow and blanket sets with a new Forest Friends collection, available this fall.

Series two features a fox, a mouse, and a raccoon and joins Pillowie’s original collection of three colorful characters. Geared toward babies ages 18 months and up, Pillowie is both a stuffed animal and pillow with a storage compartment for the included matching blanket, pajamas, or kids’ treasures.

Pillowie Series 2

Shown to retailers at the ASTRA Marketplace & Academy this summer, Pillowies were invented by Andrea Montes, a mom and industrial designer with more than 16 years of experience in product development within the toy and juvenile industry.

“Pillowie’s original line with monster characters has been widely embraced by kids and parents alike,” Montes says. “We are excited to offer three new characters, with forest animals inspired by my love of nature and outdoor adventure with my own children.”


Pillowies are machine washable and reversible, with an added element for dress-up play. The pillow doubles as a hat, while the blanket has cape snaps that kids can use to become a Pillowie superhero.

They’re available now through Amazon and the Pillowie website.