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Toy Industries of Europe (TIE) has pulled back the curtain on the winners for the inaugural Play for Change Awards.

The new awards program is designed to honor toymakers for impacting the planet and kids’ lives in positive and inspirational ways. Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards were bestowed upon winners across three categories: empowerment, environmental sustainability, and future skills.

“We want the Play For Change Awards to become an annual celebration, driving further innovation and change within our industry,” says TIE Director General Catherine Van Reeth. “As the initiative gets better known and more established, our aim is that a Play for Change award becomes something to aspire to — a recognizable sign of achievement in creating toys for a better world.”

Scroll down to see the winners below.


Recognizing activities and toys that break boundaries based on outdated ‘norms’ of social status, ability, sex, race, or religion.

  • Gold: Mattel for The Empowerment Project
  • Silver: Twin Science and Robotics for the Twin Science Kit for the Visually Impaired
  • Bronze: Mattel for Creatable World

Environmental Sustainability

Recognizing initiatives and/or toys that educate about sustainability or deploy environmentally sustainable practices.

  • Gold: Hasbro for the Hasbro Recycling Project
  • Silver: Dantoy for BIO toys
  • Joint Bronze Award winners: Clementoni for the Sequence Puzzle and Allingham Games with The Good Life

Future Skills

Recognizing an initiative or product that prepares kids for tomorrow’s world.

More information about the Play For Change Awards program can be found on its official site.