Play Visions Inc. introduced new glow-in-the-dark additions to its Splashlings line. Splashlings Luminos will swim to stores this summer and offer new characters and nearly 100 new styles to collect. Available in the same sets as previous Splashlings, the glow-in-the-dark collection will be available in 2-Pack Collectors Shells, 2-Pack Foil Bags, and 6- and 12-Mermaid Packs.

The Splashlings product line features a group of mermaids and shells, as well as more than 300 pets, underwater gems, and treasures for kids to collect and play with. Play Visions also introduced pocket-sized Shell Time play sets, which are available in Dream Time and Snack Time sets.

Splashlings is currently available at Walmart, Amazon, and specialty stores in North America.