Playmobil and Studio 100 Media are celebrating the premiere of Heidi Special: Spring Is Here throughout Europe this spring.

The 12-minute, CGI-animated special will premiere in Portugal, the Baltics, Belgium, German-speaking territories, Poland, and Italy. It combines Studio 100’s Heidi character with the design of Playmobil to balance a familiar look with a heartwarming story. Watch the trailer below to see that while spring has arrived for Heidi, her family is still feeling cold. 

Studio 100 Media and Brandstätter Group signed a multiyear agreement last year to bring Heidi around the world — excluding some territories in Asia. Six detailed Playmobil playsets based on Heidi’s adventures are included as part of the agreement. 

Another special is around the corner for the fall called Heidi Special: Winter in Dörfli.