PlayMonster teamed up with The Orangutan Project to raise awareness for the protection and conservation of one of the world’s most intelligent, yet endangered, mammals and their natural habitat.

The Wisconsin-based company behind the Orangutwang kids’ game, PlayMonster committed to a year-long green partnership with plans to support The Orangutan Project with initiatives and activations across North America. The partnership comes ahead of National Orangutan Day, taking place Aug. 19.

“Partnering with The Orangutan Project is a no-brainer for us,” says Lisa Wuennemann, master marketing monster at PlayMonster. “By becoming a sponsor of The Orangutan Project, we’re dedicated to the success of this project and to the beginning of an important conversation, which will lead us to having more orangutans swinging through the trees.”

Orangutan - PlayMonster

Since 1998, The Orangutan Project has funded more than $10 million in conservation efforts, including orangutan rescue, rehabilitation, and release programs, as well as securing forest habitat protection and regeneration, education, research, and local community partnerships. In addition, The Orangutan Project has rescued 65 orangutans, cared for over 200, and released another 44 into the wild, bringing its survival rate to 70% of rescued orangutans released into the wild.