Source: PlayMonster

The Snap Ships fleet is expanding this holiday season.

Wisconsin-based PlayMonster added six new modular building sets to its extensive Snap Ships collection just in time for Black Friday. At the pinnacle stands the all-new Claymore CR-76 Combat Transport — a mighty spacecraft that features a bay area that holds and releases two miniature mechs for ground battle. The Claymore and five other new ships launched this week at Amazon.

“Along with Snap Ships fans, we’ve been on the edge of our seats waiting for these new builds to arrive,” say Scott Pease and Jeff Swenty, co-inventors of Snap Ships. “The new kits offer a level of detail and customization far beyond wave 1, with ball joint connectors, new cockpits and details, and large structural pieces. When combined with waves 1 and 2, the building possibilities expand exponentially. We can’t wait to see the custom ships and mechs our fans create with them!”

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The holiday 2021 lineup includes the Claymore CR-76 Combat Transport; Hammerjaw K.L.A.W. Gunship; Javelin M-02 Attack Speeder; Maul FT-12 Assault Mech; Spitter K.L.A.W Missile Cruiser; and Tunnelweb K.L.A.W. Spider Mech.

Launched last year, Snap Ships is geared toward kids and collectors alike. The modular building sets combine action play and construction.