Source: PlayMonster

The immersive world of PlayMonster‘s Snap Ships action construction brand is expanding on YouTube.

Act I of the eight-part original animated series, Snap Ships: Dawn of Battle, made its debut this past Friday, quickly racking up nearly 80,000 views as of this writing. Developed in collaboration with Wind Sun Sky Entertainment, the Canadian studio that helped bring My Singing Monsters to life, Snap Ships: Dawn of Battle posits a future in which the world is under constant attack from a brutal alien threat and the fate of humanity rests with the heroes of the Snap Ships fleet, called The Forge. Klik, Dex, Dee La, 2Bells, and Atam use mysterious UJU tech to battle the evil Komplex forces and their villainous leader, The Truth.

“We were excited about the Snap Ships brand when it was a building system with a few items and some big ideas,” says Scott Flynn, vice president sales and marketing, PlayMonster. “Now, after working with Wind Sun Sky and seeing those ideas come to life and grow into thrilling content and story, we’re more excited than we ever have been about a new product line.”

New episodes of the animated series will debut weekly for the next seven weeks.

At launch, the Snap Ships fleet includes the SV-51 Scout, Locust K.L.A.W. Stealth Craft, Sawfly K.L.A.W. Minelayer, Scythe AV-19 Tank, Sabre X-23 Interceptor, Scarab K.L.A.W. Interceptor, Scorpion K.L.A.W. Troop Dropper, Battle Set: Wasp K.L.A.W. Heavy Fighter and Falx SC-41 Escort, Gladius AC-75 Drop Ship, and the Trident ST-33 Gunship (Target Exclusive).