Playsmart,CreativasPlaysmart Labs Inc. aims to explore children’s creativity both on and off tablets with the Creativas Design Studio app, which launches this month. The app invites users to join a group of talented young teenagers who are invited into an elite art school for creative designers. Over the course of 14 fully animated app-isodes, kids can follow the Creativas and be awarded for their creativity.

While in Creativas Design Studio, players create and share their artwork through the digital portal while completing a series of design challenges. After the video tutorials found within each level, players are instructed to print out different paper templates and to create their artwork offline using markers, pencil crayons, or paint. They can then capture their art with the camera on their device, and watch as their real-life artwork comes alive in the game.

Creativas Design Studio converts traditional arts and crafts into an interactive experience for kids, enabling creativity both on and off their tablets,” says Daniel Rattner, the co-founder of Playsmart Labs. “Creativas is developed as a brand to address the need for a creative outlet that drives creation-based play and also projects healthy and positive role models.”

Creativas Design Studio will be available on iOS and Android.