PomTree has designed a line of constructive play kits that require no glue or scissors. Ideal for children ages 3 and up, PomTree launches the PomTree Stuck On Fun product line that features high-quality materials like foam, felt, and mixed media stickers. When play is done, all of the pieces can be put back into the PomTree resealable totes, tubs, and canisters. These sets include:

Lily and her best friends, Charlotte, and Ella, spend a day on the town. Pages of stickers can be added to each scene as the girls go shopping, paint pictures, fly a kite and end the day with a pajama party. Play a matching and sorting activity by placing stickers on the correct story pages.

3-D toy tree house allows kids to imagine a treehouse. A tire swing, ladder in the back, secret door, and lift off roof are included.

Kids can decorate the house with enclosed pets, shrubs, and   accessories.

Look for  other PomTree make-and-play activities such as the Swing-A-Long Pet Playhoouse, Sunnyside Up Market, Over the Moon Creamery Playset Kit, Feathered Friends Post Office Playset Kit, and the Sweet Sundaes Treat Truck Playset Kit in stores. They will be sold in stores such as Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, Meijer, and Barnes & Noble.

Follow and share creations on social media sites Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. Click on the website, www.PomTreeKids.com and look for the “Fun” button. Here kids can click then download-for-free coloring pages featuring Lily, Charlotte, and Ella.