PoparPopar Toys has utilized the latest augmented reality (AR) technology to develop a new way for kids to learn anatomy, chemistry, and astronomy. With the 3-D Interactive Human Anatomy, Interactive Periodic Table, and Interactive Solar System charts, anyone can “play” with this learning technology that comes alive right off the wall.

Each AR wall chart works with any Android or Apple smart device once the free app is downloaded.

  • Interactive Human Anatomy Chart: Here the human body comes to life. Kids and students zoom in on their mobile device to see organs and even the digestive system.
  • Interactive Periodic Chart: Budding scientists can learn about atomic mass, boiling point, density, and structure. Use the app to tap elements and make compounds as well as learn more about their basic functions.
  • Interactive Solar System Chart: Planets leap off the wall and into the palm of kids’ hands with this app, which they can also use to watch videos and play games. Kids can learn the distance of these planets from one another and how many moons each planet has.

popar2Popar has also developed two fabric wall charts that are made with a very soft double-thickness material that’s perfect for hanging.

  • Wonder of the World & Landmarks 3-D Map: Discover Earth’s landmarks in 3-D. Using a smart device, kids can zoom into foreign countries and see sights from Egypt’s pyramids to the Grand Canyon.
  • Solar System 3-D Chart: This 42-inch by 32-inch chart allows kids to learn about Saturn’s rings and explore space in 3-D.

Popar will be showing these AR wall maps and charts at the American International Toy Fair.