Moose.PaulSolomonThe Toy Book (TTB): In what new way are you using social media to correspond directly with consumers?

Paul Solomon (PS): The popularity of toy unboxing videos on YouTube has given Moose Toys the opportunity to reach more consumers on platforms other than TV. Moose has seen first-hand how social media allows consumers to engage more directly with our products. For example, Moose garnered more than 11 million views from our animated Shopkins webisodes.

We are constantly creating new content for fans to enjoy, which deepens the brand experience. Our webisodes encourage consumers to create their own character stories and share via social media. When fans become brand advocates, they create their own content. The 1.2 million Shopkins videos on YouTube are testament to that.

TTB: Which toy categories do you expect to expand in 2015? Which do you expect to contract?

PS: We will continue to grow in the girls’ category and we are excited to expand the electronic pet category. With Little Live Pets, we will introduce 13 new pet items in 2015. While cute and cuddly will continue to be well-represented in the brand, we think kids are ready to embrace interactive pets from all creepy, crawly walks of life. Expect new technology to bring these pets to life in 2015.

TTB: What categories were driving sales in 2014? Which categories will flourish this year?

PS: In 2014, Moose Toys had a breakout year in the U.S. market, becoming a true competitor in multiple toy aisles. We experienced our greatest growth in the girls’ and electronic pet categories with Shopkins and Little Live Pets driving sales. We are especially proud of how our homegrown brands thrived in a year dominated by girl toys attached to a major motion picture-licensed property. (Brrrr!)

At Moose, we love creative freedom and we take great pride in our development process, producing toys with wonderful character personalities, amazingly detailed designs, and the latest technology.

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