Radz Gone Wild_HRFour new friends will join the Radz zoo of characters–Scratch the Tiger, Bandit the Zebra, Spanky the Monkey, and Squeak the Penguin, collectively known as Radz Gone Wild. Mystery glasses, lanyards with a swivel clip and buckle end, and Radz Gone Wild collectibles join the Radz product line of allowance-friendly treats/toys that are techy too. With each purchase of a Radz candy dispenser comes a bonus Radz Plus code that accesses free Apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Gift shops in zoos and aquariums and neighborhood candy shops now stock their shelves with the Radz Everyday Series (featuring Antic, Bubbs, and Critter) and the Sports Crazy (with Homer, Hoops, and PK) themed dispensers. Candy refill packs and add-ons like mystery glasses keep the Radz collectibles fresh and entertaining.

Kids can enter the online world and play in the Radz Arcade at www.RadzWorld.com. Once they own a code, the Apps store opens up to fast-paced games ZapTap, ZigZag, and ZipFlip. New this summer are added levels and play patterns in ZapTap.

The online world of Radz was designed for preschoolers (already tech savvy) and older kids with little help needed from parents. Older kids up to tweens also gave their stamp of approval for the apps, saying they were engaging and fun to play.

Find Radz online at RadzWorld.com, Facebook.com/RadzWorld, Youtube.com/RadzTV, and in the iTunes App Store.