Razor USA’s Fall 2021 Lightshow Lineup | Source: Razor USA/The Toy Book

Razor USA is rolling into fall with a fresh lineup of new ride-ons that glow.

The Bluetooth-enabled Sonic Glow Electric Scooter leads the Lightshow pack with a colorful light show that pulses to the beat of a rider’s chosen music.  There are no apps required as kids can simply pair the Scooter to their smartphone to easily stream music on the go as the 24-volt rechargeable ride hits a top speed of 10mph.

“The Sonic Glow Electric Scooter and the Lightshow line-up are results of our efforts to continue to innovate so that riding on a Kickscooter or RipStik, or any of our other rides, isn’t just about getting from point A to point B, says Razor USA President Jim Wagner. “Our goal is to create products that are not only stylish but also provide a brand-new experience to riders that is filled with surprise and delight. We are looking forward to seeing how Razor fans react to their first rides on these launches.”

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The rest of the Lightshow lineup includes a trio of rides that include motion sensors that can turn their LED lights on and off and the beginning and end of a riding session. Kids ages 8 and up can enjoy the A+ Kick Lightshow, a colorful take on the classic Razor A Scooter; RipStik DLX Mini Lightshow, a smaller version of the popular RipStick; and the RipRider 360 Lightshow, a big wheel drift trike with more than 60 motion-activated lights.

Full details on the fall lineup and more can be found at razor.com.