Source: ReadySetz/The Toy Book

The makers of the award-winning ReadySetz playsets and dioramas have dropped the curtain on their next batch of highly-detailed play and display environments.

ReadySetz debuted in 2017 with its first collapsable, recyclable, Urban Playset in a move that was designed to help parents manage the massive storage issues and environmental concerns that often come with bulky, plastic playsets and dollhouses. The concept was quickly embraced by action figure collectors and toy photography enthusiasts as a display environment that could open new possibilities for creativity thanks to its 360-degree construction. A Space Base soon followed.

The company is now accepting preorders for its 1:12-scale Haunted Mansion and Military Outpost playsets, which are designed for 6-inch action figures and accessories.

Source: ReadySetz

The Military Outpost features a map room with a table for maps; an infirmary with two beds; an ammo locker and distribution desk; a target range; an interrogation room with a usable chair; a brig; a motor pool; an entry ramp; and more. The Haunted Mansion features secret staircases; a library with hidden doors; a dungeon; a hidden attic; a crypt room with an opening coffin; an underground lab with a crematorium; and a two-story organ with a usable seat.

Spin Master’s DC Comics & Batman Figures on the ReadySetz Urban Playset | Source: The Toy Book, James Zahn

Additionally, ReadySetz opened preorders for a new run of its 1:12 Urban 2.0 playset. While the company does make 1:18-scale sets for 3.75-inch action figures, the larger sets have seen greater interest thanks to the popularity of 6-inch figures such as Hasbro’s Marvel Legends, Star Wars: The Black Series, and the recent G.I. Joe: Classified Series.

The new ReadySetz playsets are expected to ship in the first quarter of next year.