Recess Monkey’s “Flying” Circus

It may seem like a classic “secret identity” plot line that is found in many stories—three elementary school teachers who also are recording artists—however teachers Jack Forman, Drew Holloway, and Daron Henry really do make up the children’s musical group Recess Monkey. The trio is releasing Flying, an album chocked full of songs with superhero flair.

Featuring titles such as “Day Job,” “Sidekick,” and “Bravest Kid in the World,” the CD focuses on how everyday people can become superheroes. Musical combos such as a ukulele paired with a trombone give this album a real super sound. The 14-song CD is targeted to ages 3 to 8 and will release June 21. The CD is being distributed by Burnside Distribution Corporation.

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Jill Feigelman

Jill Feigelman

Summer 2011 intern for The Toy Book/Specialty Toys & Gifts