RedwoodVentures, in partnership with OLO Industries, launches the Smashy Mashy collectible line.

Each Smashy Mashy creature is nacho cheese-scented and comes in a stackable, reusable hazardous waste container with a “try-me” disappearing green ooze feature. The container includes a unique Smashy Mashy creature, a junk food buddy, a sticker, and a poster with a secret decoder.

“Smooshy Mushy has been a tremendous success and as the brand has rapidly expanded, we’ve learned from our vast social media army that there’s opportunity across numerous demographics. Smashy Mashy is for boys, geeks, scientists, wanna-be aliens, gamers and our ever-passionate #smooshysquad everywhere,” says Andy Wiseman, CEO of Redwood.

Creatures in the first series include Unipug, Laidback Llama, Sneakz the Alien, and more. The Smashy Mashy line is available now exclusively at Walmart.