Report: Nearly Half of Dollars Spent on Kids Were Requested by Children

According to a new study by The NPD Group, Spotlight on Kids: Understanding Cross-Category Purchasing: Data from July 2010—Back To School, 49 percent of all dollars spent on kids in July were specifically requested by the children. The survey also found that girls were more likely to request apparel and books and boys typically asked for sporting goods and video games.

In July, most products purchased for kids were apparel (20 percent), then footwear (13 percent), toys (8 percent), and video game consoles (7 percent). Apparel also took the No. 1 spot (56 percent) in terms of the percentage of dollars spent on sale items, followed by arts & crafts, consumer electronics, and school gear.

Nearly two-thirds of dollars spent on kids came from their parents, followed by grandparents with 19 percent. When comparing the percentage of dollars spent on used and pre-owned items by category, video game software, books, and video game hardware were the leaders at 19 percent, 11 percent, and 9 percent, respectively.

In terms of dollars spent, 28 percent were on licensed goods. Forty-two (42) percent of all dollars spent on kids ages 3 to 5 were for licensed products.

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Guest Auther