For a limited time, MPC’s Strange Change Series Mummy and Vampire kits and AMT’s Bigfoot Creature model kit are being reissued as part of Round 2 Corp’s “1 Run of Fun” program. As part of the program, kits that appeal to a range of modeling enthusiasts are selected and produced only once, and in a very limited quantity. Next in line for the 1 Run of Fun program is MPC’s 1/16th scale 70s Street Charger, scheduled to hit stores in December. The kit will feature a big blown motor, wide tires, and more.

Also from AMT comes the special edition “Katch the Kat” Collector Kit program. Two models have been selected for the kit, Grandpa Munster and the Meyers Manx dune buggy. For these selected models, one kit in every master carton will be molded in a special color, but the outer package will remain the same, adding to the suspense of seeing if you have the special version.

The Grandpa Munster’s Drag-U-La, based on the vehicle from 1960s TV show The Munsters, is a black, coffin-shaped hot rod, but the special Katch the Kat “chase” version will be molded in a translucent metallic gold plastic. One special version will be available in every 12-piece case. The Meyers Manx dune buggy is standardly produced in white. The special version, one in every case, will be created in metallic red plastic.

The models will be available online and at retail locations for a limited time.

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