ROYBI Robot | Source: ROYBI/Grove Street Publishing/The Toy Book

Grove Street Publishing books are getting a new artificial intelligence (AI) ally in the ROYBI robot.

The partnership aspires to optimize online learning by giving kids an accessible, interactive medium to read and learn on the go. Grove Street Publishing will expand ROYBI content into digital books for kids, including the implementation of its patented voice AI technology.

“This partnership with ROYBI will transform storytelling and learning,” says Kevin Phun, managing director of Grove Street Publishing. “The two sides coming together to form a positive learning experience. It only seems natural that toys have a story!”

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Grove Street Publishing’s online platform Grover features hundreds of interactive books available for kids to access. ROYBI will apply its patented Automatic Speech Recognition Engine to digital books through Edge AI, an on-device recognition system. This AI technology allows kids to read and interact with digital books at their convenience, bringing together the best of education and entertainment.

“This collaboration is the beginning of extending our resources into different categories in an effort to extend our educational content, ROYBI characters, and technology into a wider audience globally,” says Mark Meding, head of business development at ROYBI. This also allows ROYBI to grow its reach from Pre-K to K12.”

ROYBI Robot is an AI-powered educational robot for kids ages 3 and up. ROYBI aims to develop linguistic and basic STEM-learning skills through personalized pedagogical practices. It offers over 70 learning categories to ensure academic variety and efficacy. Grove Street Publishing is a New-York based children’s multimedia publishing company that unifies education and entertainment through its literary selections.

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