This month, Rubik’s Brand Ltd. presented the CubingUSA Nationals Event. Held Aug. 1-4, in Baltimore, the competition featured hundreds of global speedcubers — masters of the Rubik’s Cube —all vying for the coveted title of the fastest speed Cuber.

For 2019, Rubik’s Brand crowned Patrick Ponce as the new CubingUSA National Champion. Ponce secured his first place win by solving his Cube in an average time of just 7.05 seconds. Second place went to to Lucas Etter with a 7.13 second average, while Max Park placed third with an average time of 7.36 seconds.

Rubik’s Brand presented qualifier tickets to four talented competitors (pictured top) who placed first at the CubingUSA Nationals. The fastest 3×3 Cubers Patrick Ponce and Eva Kato, fastest blindfolded average time Max Hillard, and fastest one-handed competitor Max Park, all received a travel package to compete in the Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Cup, taking place Nov. 17, in Moscow, Russia.

Additionally, Rubik’s Brand and professional Speedcuber Anthony Brooks provided entertainment for children and families at the Port Discovery Children’s Museum in Baltimore as he created a 1,000 Rubik’s Cube mosaic.