Spin Master inked a new deal with Rubik’s for a new range that combines the play features of Perplexus Puzzles and the Rubik’s Cube. The deal was brokered by the Smiley Co., master licensee for Rubik’s.

The Rubik’s x Perplexus range debuts this summer with a 3D ball-in-a-maze puzzle and labyrinth toy. Players will twist and turn the Cube to maneuver a small steel ball throughout the intricate internal maze. The companies say that it builds on Rubik’s STEM accreditation and is “perfect for giving kids a head start on STEM without a screen.”

“Collaborating with such an iconic toy like Rubik’s Cube is a unique opportunity to expand the fun and challenge of the Perplexus play experience,” says Elizabeth LoVecchio, vice president, marketing at Spin Master Games. “Perplexus is already captivating minds, both young and old, and we are excited to work together with the Smiley Co. to expand the popular line and further push the boundaries of fun and innovation.”

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube. Celebrations, collaborations, and new product launches are expected throughout the year.