Source: Sam’s Club

It was 1989 when Clark W. Griswold (Chevy Chase) famously took a ride on high-speed sled that ended in a Walmart parking lot in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Later, Clark and Cousin Eddie (Randy Quaid) would shop the store, complete with a purchase of Sam Walton’s Ol’ Roy dog food. Now, 31 years later, Sam’s Club is getting in on the Griswold family action.

For the holiday season, Sam’s Club partnered with Warner Bros. and Obsess to create the Christmas Vacation Virtual Shopping Experience.

Source: Sam’s Club

The Griswold’s famous home in the Chicago suburbs has been reimagined as a 360-degree virtual experience packed with seasonal food and gift items, decor, and more.

The rooms can even be toggled to different decor vibes, and the featured items will be updated throughout the season. One toy-filled example can be found by clicking “Merry and Bright” in the room with the staircase to discover a world of toys that can only be found at Sam’s Club locations across the U.S. Consumers can click various action points to shop items throughout the house while film buffs will notice several Easter eggs from the movie in select locations.

This season, Sam’s Club plans to offer more than 50 exclusive toys, most of which are available now.