SAVVi‘s latest tool looks to solve a common crafting problem — mess. Glitterific is a glitter-dispensing vacuum wand that will be on display during Toy Fair New York. “The Glitterific crafting tool inspires creativity and imaginative play without a mess,” says Bryan Meek, vice president of global sales at SAVVi.

Geared toward kids ages 6 and up, each Glitterific kit includes a vacuum wand and an assortment of glitter refill packs and appliques. To activate the crafting tool, kids push the button closest to the end of the wand to dispense glitter onto SAVVi appliques to create fun, clean designs. Once glitter is dispensed over the applique, kids can simply push the button closest to the handle to suck up the excess glitter with the vacuum.

Glitterific will be demoed in booth No. 681 at Toy Fair New York.