Scholastic Presents an Elementary Showdown for “Word Domination”

On May 11, students in the first, second, and third grades will compete in Scholastic’s WordGirl Definition Competition, battling for “word domination.”

Inspired by WordGirl, which airs daily on PBS Kids Go!, the WordGirl Definition Competition will be held in a game show format and hosted by WordGirl herself, as well as Beau Handsome of the “May I Have a Word” segment of the show. The event will consist of three short rounds and a one-minute bonus round, challenging contestants in questions pertaining to word usage, reading comprehension, definitions, and using words in different contexts.

Classrooms across the country are invited to participate by signing up at After signing up, the classes will play along––in real-time––by submitting answers online during the webcast, and they may be called out during the game.

The live event will start Tuesday at 1 p.m. ET at Scholastic’s New York City headquarters, and will be streamed to classrooms via the live webcast. All teachers of the registered classrooms will be automatically entered into the WordGirl Definition Competition sweepstakes for a chance to win books and prizes for their school or classroom.

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