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The Pokémon Co. Reveals Champion’s Path TCG Expansion

The Pokémon Co. International just revealed the next expansion for the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG), Champion’s Path, coming soon on September 25. With Champion’s Path, Pokémon Trainers can recreate their journey through the Galar region in the Pokémon TCG by collecting various pins featuring Gym logos as well as foil cards representing the partner Pokémon of each Gym Leader — similar to what they’d experience in the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield video games. Key highlights from the set include 11 Pokémon V plus four full-art Pokémon V, three Pokémon VMAX, and one full-art Supporter card. Trainers will...

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The Pokémon Co. Reveals New Games, In-Game Events in “Pokémon Presents” Livestream

This morning, The Pokémon Co. President and CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara provided updates and news for a variety of Pokémon titles for fans of all ages in a 10-minute video presentation. The Pokémon Presents livestream started with Pokémon Smile, a free new app designed to help kids with brushing their teeth. Available today, the mobile app uses augmented reality (AR) and the front-facing camera to incorporate Pokémon into the teeth-brushing experience. Parents can set the app to send reminder notifications up to three times per day and set a duration for each brushing session. As kids brush, they defeat animated, cavity-causing...

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U.S. Customs Catches More than 86,000 Counterfeit Pokémon Figures

They may not have caught them all, but more than 86,000 counterfeit Pokémon are off the streets thanks to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers in Pennsylvania. Inspection of incoming shipments from Hong Kong revealed a manifest for 15 shipping boxes that had been said to contain “plastic furnishing articles.” Upon further inspection, the boxes contained knockoff Pokémon action figures. According to the CBP, authentic figures would have carried a retail price of approximately $604,000. “In addition to protecting the trademark holder’s intellectual property (IP) rights, Customs and Border Protection’s primary concern with counterfeit consumer goods is the potential harm...

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Disney, Pokémon, and Transformers Inspire Disguise’s New Halloween Costume Lineup

Jakks Pacific‘s Disguise division is gearing up for a big Halloween. The new lineup of Halloween costumes and accessories is inspired by a robust assortment of top licensed brands, and is available now at retailers nationwide. Pokémon continues to be one of the hottest entertainment brands across video games, toys, animated series, trading cards, and the recent Pokémon: Detective Pikachu movie. Disguise’s range of Pokémon costumes includes styles for toddlers, kids, and adults. View this post on Instagram #Transformers #Bumblebee spotted at #nycc2019! This awesome #halloweencostume converts from Autobot to car mode by crouching down! Get it before #Halloween...

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The Pokémon Co. International Confirms New Pokémon Mobile Game

Today, The Pokémon Co. International confirmed a new addition to the Pokémon Rumble video game series: Pokemon Rumble Rush. It joins the company’s existing lineup of mobile apps, including Pokémon Go!, Pokémon Quest, and Pokémon TV. In this new mobile game, players can discover new islands and the Pokémon inhabiting each area. As they explore, players must overcome hordes of enemy Pokémon with the help of their partner Pokémon. In each encounter, players can befriend enemy Pokémon and use them in future battles. The game is available now in Australia via Google Play, but an iOS and worldwide release are on the way. The company...

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Disguise Catches ‘Em All for Multi-Year Pokémon Licensing Deal

Disguise Inc. entered a new deal with The Pokémon Company International Inc. to design and manufacture Pokémon Halloween costumes and accessories for children, tweens, and adults featuring Pikachu, Eevee, Ash Ketchum, and more. Revealed as part of this year’s Pokémon Day celebration, the licensing agreement is based on the popular Pokémon TV series, which boasts a library of more than 1,000 episodes spanning 21 seasons. The new costumes are slated to launch this fall in the U.S. and Canada. Disguise is a division of Jakks...

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