A decade after making a deal with the Sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank, Soy-Yer Dough has a new home.

Sustainable Projects Group (SPGX) acquired 100% of the rights to the sustainable, allergy-free modeling dough from Indiana-based inventors Sawyer and Samantha Sparks. Made in the U.S., Soy-Yer Dough is a gluten- and wheat-free, non-toxic, modeling dough that has been sold internationally since its TV debut.

“We’ve come a long way from our early days on ABC’s Shark Tank, but it was important for us to find a partner who could help us reach a larger audience,” says Sawyer Sparks, CEO of YER Brands. “We’re excited to leverage the production and distribution expertise of SPGX so that many more children can enjoy this simple fun without any fears.”

SPGX assumes complete ownership, marketing, and distribution rights, in addition to all equipment and inventory used to produce Soy-Yer Dough. Going forward, Sawyer Sparks will serve as CEO of YER Brands, which will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of SPGX. Samantha Sparks will continue to lead production.

In recent years, compounds have seen increasing popularity as consumer tastes have moved toward sustainable production. Earlier this year, Crazy Aaron’s entered the play dough space with Land of Dough.