Silvergate Media’s promotes Shelli Rottman to first Chief Diversity Officer | Source: Silvergate Media/the Toy Book

Silvergate Media vet Shelli Rottman has been promoted to the dual executive position of chief diversity officer and executive vice president of business and legal affairs.

Silvergate’s new position of Chief Diversity Officer reflects the company’s efforts to magnify diverse voices through its creative entities. The company recently announced its intent to pursue investment in a new production, titled ¡Vamos!, based upon the award-winning Spanish and English language work of Mexican-American author Raúl. Other projects with an emphasis on exploring different cultures and traditions are currently being considered.

In her new role, Rottman will head Silvergate’s growing diversity and inclusion program that strives to foster a more equitable and inclusive working environment. She will also work to amplify fresh, diverse perspectives through mentorship and professional guidance.

“I am thrilled to be able to make a meaningful impact in an area that is important to me, “ says Rottman. “The overwhelming support for embracing new and emerging talent from different communities is clearly evident in the company’s philosophy and its substantial investment in new and exciting productions.”

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Rottman has been working for Silvergate since 2011, guiding the company’s business and legal affairs team, and supporting global licensing, content distribution, business development, and production. Previously, she worked as in-house counsel in the entertainment, fashion, and publishing industries, including at Chorion, Liz Claiborne, and Conde Nast.