Skullduggery will debut two new vehicle lines this year. The company will show Knuckle-Headz Head Poppin’ Racers and Remote Control Marble Racers at Toy Fair New York alongside new offerings from Skullduggery’s Perfect Craft Line, including cast-your-own picture frame and memory tile kits.

The first wave of Head Poppin’ Racers will include six Knuckle-Headz characters, each in a 1:43 scale vehicle with a powerful pull-back motor and spring-triggered, grimacing, character heads. With a head-on crash, one or both noggins will pop up to a foot into the air.  The item is geared toward kids ages 3 and up.

RC Marble Racers are the third product in the Marble Racers collection. Each rear-wheel drive, 1:24 scale race car can make hairpin turns while exhibiting wild drifting motions as drivers attempt to maneuver through racing cones and other obstacles. A tri-colored, 1 ¼-inch diameter light-up marble lodged in the racer’s translucent core provides light for nighttime play. Racers are powered by an included rechargeable lithium polymer battery and USB charger.

Skullduggery will show off its new products in booth #341.