SkylandersCreatorActivision Publishing and Skylanders Imaginators is dedicating the entire month of October to celebrate the launch of the new video game, the Skylanders Academy Netflix original series, and a new mobile app, Skylanders Creator.

The new free app lets users create Imaginators characters on to go, featuring the creation tools similar to those available in the console game. The free app will be available for select iOS and Android mobile devices. Or, players can transfer their created characters from the console game to the app using state-of-the-art audio technology.


For the first time, fans can use Skylanders Creator to immortalize their Skylanders Imaginators creations in physical forms including a 3-D Printed Imaginator Figure, where fans can receive a custom 3-D printed Slylanders Imaginators figure that can be fully playable in the game; an Imaginator Card, where fans can receive a custom made trading card with their creation, also fully playable in Skylanders Imaginators; and an Imaginator T-Shirt, a full-color, customized T-shirt with an image of a creation.

Skylanders Creator will also feature Timed Imaginite Chests that give users new creation parts for their Imaginators at certain times during the day; daily Sensai Chests featuring special parts unique to that Skylander; and My Imaginator’s Creation gallery, giving players access of their creations and the ability to share them with other fans around the world.
Skylanders Imaginators launches in North America on Oct. 16.