Skyrocket Toys ushers in summer with the official retail launch of its new collectible doll line, Blume.

The new dolls that “grow” out a flower pot through patent-pending reveal technology were launched this morning through an influencer activation across 20 top toy YouTubers. A hands-on review of Blume can be found on our sister publication the Toy Insider. Skyrocket is calling June 21 “Blume Day.”

“Blume dolls are anticipated to be this year’s hottest collectible doll line with a ground-breaking and never-before-seen ‘bluming’ technology sparking endless play value,” says Lindsey Scheftic, VP of marketing at Skyrocket. “We were very excited to work with our buzzworthy influencers to unveil the world of Blume. We shipped each influencer an exclusively designed Blume box to heighten the air of mystery around their character and create content as unique and fun as the product itself.”

The first wave of Blume dolls includes 22 blind-packed dolls across four ranges — adorable, rare, super rare, and mystical. Each pot comes with 10 surprises to uncover, including an outfit and accessories, a mini friend, and a sticker book. Skyrocket notes that all of the pieces are part of the play experience and generate no extra trash.

This fall, Skyrocket will launch a jumbo-sized flower pot play set called the Blume Secret Surprise Garden.

Blume hit the scene strong, nabbing the top spot on Amazon’s Movers & Shakers chart, and scoring a hit on the Top 10 toys chart overall.

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