Skyrocket took a unique approach to its launch for Pomsies Lumies, the latest generation of its Pomsies interactive pets.

Rather than simply partnering with digital influencers for the promotional rollout, Skyrocket teamed up with more than a dozen top influencers to design secret modes that are built into the Lumies products being shipped worldwide.

“Pomsies Lumies continue with the innovative interactive pet play pattern from last year’s big hit, Pomsies, but with so many more features packed in,” says Lindsey Scheftic, Skyrocket’s vice president of marketing. “We are excited to work with some of the biggest influencers across YouTube, Tik Tok, and Instagram to create their own ‘Easter eggs’ that kids can unlock by scanning a series of colors in a specific order. Once unlocked, kids can hear a special message from their favorite influencer. Additionally, there are over a dozen other ‘Easter eggs’ to be unlocked for even more fun.”

Secret Mode influencers tapped for the project include Toys Unlimited, We Wear Cute, Beauty Brooke, Emery Bingham,  Family Gamer TV, Ellie Sparkles, Sandaroo Family Vlog, Dani Zvulun, Jellybean TV, and YAYOMG! The next round of influencer content for Lumies will include The Gem Sisters, MimiLocks, DayaDaily, JustJordan, SophieFergie, and Clara Lukasiak.

Pomsies Lumies are interactive unicorn-like pets can turn into any color. Kids can simply place the Lumies on an object and it will magically absorb that object’s color and shine bright. Color matching play patterns are used to nurture each Lumie, and kids can play pre-programmed games and explore musical fun with their pets. Lumies react with over 50 sounds and phrases depending on their mood and the colors they absorb.