Ultimate Squishy Human Body | Source: SmartLab Toys

SmartLab Toys is back with its latest educational STEAM toy.

Ultimate Squishy Human Body is a complete and accurate human anatomy learning toy designed to inspire future doctors and biologists. This comprehensive kit features a 16-inch human anatomy model with realistic removable squishy organs, articulated joints, and an electronic sound module powered by SmartScan Technology.

“Having established the market-leading precedent with our best-selling STEAM toy, Squishy Human Body, we developed an advanced and completely new product with kinesthetic and interactive learning,” says George Scott, senior brand manager, SmartLab Toys. “Kids, parents, grandparents, medical students, pediatricians, and anyone interested in learning about the human body will absolutely love this educational toy.”

Ultimate Squishy Human Body | Source: SmartLab Toys

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The SmartScan Technology works through eight removable SmartParts which, when placed on the electronic SmartScan module, are recognized by the scanner. The scanner then prompts users to select either Scan Mode or Quiz Mode. Scan Mode provides information about the part and the system it belongs to as well as relevant fun facts. Quiz Mode lets kids test their knowledge by placing the correct SmartPart on the scanner to answer 70 quiz questions. The module also produces a distinct sound for each organ.

The kit also includes other components such as an Organ-izer chart, an assembly sheet, a quick-start guide, and a beautifully illustrated 48-page book packed with detailed explanations, colorful diagrams, and fun facts about the human body.

Ultimate Squishy Human Body is designed for kids ages 8 and up, and will be available at retail beginning next month.

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