This month, PBS Distribution will release four new-to-DVD episodes from the PBS KIDS series Ready Jet Go! Asteroids, Meteors, and Meteorites, Mindy’s Meteorite Stand, Comet Fever, and Asteroid Patrol will be available on DVD beginning Jan. 15, and will also be available for streaming on the PBS KIDS Prime Channel as part of the Ready Jet Go! Space Rocks! collection.

Episodes on the DVD include:

  • Asteroid, Meteors, and Meteorites: Sean is determined to beat his mystery competitor at a video game of “Astro-Tracker.” Sean realizes the best way to do this is to learn and see an asteroid up-close. The group flies out to space where they learn the difference between an asteroid, a meteor and a meteorite. Will Sean be able to finally beat his competitor with this new knowledge?
  • Mindy’s Meteorite Stand: Mindy discovers a unique rock while digging in her yard, and after a series of tests she conducts, she determines that it is in fact a meteorite! She sets up a viewing station where a DSA (Deep Space Array) scientist tells her that it isn’t a meteorite, but could the rock that she is sitting on be one?
  • Comet Fever: The neighborhood is having a star gazing party. The kids discover what might be a new comet and want to explore more. While Jet, Sean and Sydney are up in space exploring the comet, Mindy makes them a surprise comet in the backyard with ingredients from home!
  • Asteroid Patrol: Sean learns that asteroids are floating around the solar system, and sets up an asteroid watching-station in his treehouse. Sean’s mother and the DSA help Sean and the others understand how a group of scientists monitor the skies for asteroids, so Sean doesn’t have to do it alone.

Since the series launch in 2016, Ready Jet Go! has amassed a cross-platform viewership of 6.1 Million each month.