HatchimalsSpin Master Corp. announced the next introduction in the Hatchimals Franchise, Hatchimals Surprise, which has fans guessing “Who Will You Hatch” next?

Hatchimals Surprise are different from any Hatchimals seen before, according to Spin Master, The company says kids can look forward to a bonding experience that continues to evolve, featuring new eggs, a new hatching process, new species to meet, and a big surprise on Hatchimals Day, Friday, Oct. 6.

Hatchimals Surprise is already a contender for numerous toy awards, following the debut of—and demand for—Hatchimals in 2016. The public will be able to guess the surprise of this newest iteration in the Hatchimals franchise before they are made available at major retailers and on spinmaster.com beginning on Oct. 6.

Pre-order will be available beginning Sept. 18 across all major retailers, with MSRP set at $69.99. Visit hatchimals.com for updates.