Flush Force

Spin Master Corp. is expanding its line of collectibles with new characters, seasons, and brands. According to the NPD Group, collectibles have been a leader of growth in the toy industry, primarily driven by blind packs.

The NPD Group attributes a portion of the 14 percent category growth in 2017 to the international popularity of Hatchimals CollEGGtibles. Hatchimals CollEGGtibles launched last May and expanded in December with the launch of Season 2. The brand continues to offer new extensions heading into this year’s launch of Season 3.

New to Spin Master is Flush Force, a line of creatures that come from deep inside the bowels of Flushville and have been mutated by toxic sludge. With 150 to collect, kids can now start their own gross gang of Flushies.

Tech Deck Dudes are collectible mini skaters with grungy style, cool personalities, and fierce smiles. This line of collectibles is character driven with each Tech Deck Dude belonging to its own crew. Including Brainy Bunch, Ninja Squad, and Ghost Gang, there are 11 crews and more than 70 Tech Deck Dudes to collect in Series 1.

To extend the entertainment value beyond the reveal, episodes are available on YouTube for Hatchimals CollEGGtibles and Flush Force. Kids can hang with “Team Hatch” and further explore Hatchtopia while learning more about the characters within CollEGGtibles Season 2. Beginning Feb. 22, kids can watch Flush Force characters burst out of the toilet in search of adventures, also on YouTube.